Why Your Company Should Consider Accounts Receivable Financing

Cash flow is a challenge faced by many small businesses. When operation costs need to be paid or expansion plans are in the works, you realize money is locked up in outstanding invoices and receivables. Accounts receivable financing is a well-established source of cash offered by Alpine Funding Solutions to support your business. 

What Is Accounts Receivable Financing?

As a ‘factor’ company, Alpine Funding Solutions takes on your invoices and their risks. In return for the receivables, your business receives a cash amount equal to a discounted value of the original invoices. Essentially, you sell us the right to be paid by the original invoice owner. Here are the important details about this process:

    • There are no fixed payments or collaterals.
    • You receive cash in 24 hours.
    • We accept receivables over 90 days old.

Additionally, handing over the rights to the receivables does not mean handing over any rights to your business. You maintain complete ownership through the entire process.

Who Benefits From Accounts Receivable Financing?

Financing receivables is especially beneficial for small businesses facing financial trouble, such as the need to pay bills or avoid bankruptcy. Start-ups also benefit because it provides financing for expansions and payrolls.

At Alpine Funding Solutions, we believe in supporting the development of small businesses. Call us with any questions and receive a free consultation today.