Improve Your Practice With the Right Financing

As a dentist, chiropractor, doctor, or veterinarian, you know that access to reliable capital is crucial to running a successful practice. At Alpine Funding Solutions, we can meet all of your healthcare financing needs thanks to our broad portfolio of financial products and commitment to excellent service.

Our Solutions

To meet the needs of your specific practice, we offer a few key healthcare financing solutions, which include the following:

  • Working capitalThrough this program, you can use the funding however you see fit to enhance your medical practice.
  • Debt consolidationInstead of juggling multiple payments every month and different interest rates, we can offer a loan to repay your debt in full and make one convenient payment instead.
  • Medical equipment leasingWe can arrange for both a lease and a loan through this program and can even cover up to 50 percent of soft costs.

We also offer a renowned practice acquisition financing program that can help you successfully buy out a partner or merge with another practice.

Give Us a Call

We want to tell you more about the funding solutions available to your practice. Reach out to us at Alpine Funding Solutions today to speak with a member of our team and to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.