How to Provide Elite Customer Support

Customer service is more than just answering a phone call or responding to an email when a customer has an issue. Real support comes from providing an outstanding experience, one that is quick, informative, and helps the customer avoid the problem again going forward. Even more, helping your customers should be instilled within the values of your business. By following these three guidelines, your user support will rank highly and keep people walking through the door or visiting your website.

Always Listen

By the time a customer complaint reaches your customer service team, they’ve already been through a lot of frustration. They’ve spent time and money to research and purchase your product. They waited for it to arrive or for the service to be performed and they’re unsatisfied. Then, they have to visit your website or dig up a receipt, call the phone number listed, deal with many phone prompts, all before finally speaking to someone.

Because of this, it’s important to be there for your customers. Listen to what they are saying and let them vent. Record each issue they mention, and at the end of each week and month, calculate the problems that are causing the most contacts. There’s your starting point for improving your business and increasing customer satisfaction.

Be Accurate

You’ve probably been on a customer service phone call where the representative promises they’ll be able to find a resolution for you. Then they put you on hold for too long, only to come back and say they do not have a way to fix the issue.

Helping your customers is sometimes a game of expectations. If you state it can take 24 hours to respond to an email but you do it in two, they may be wowed. If you promise a response within 30 minutes but still respond within two hours, they will be disappointed.  Without underselling your team, set low expectations so you can jump over them.

Reward Loyalty

Every time a customer purchases your product or service, they are creating a relationship with your company. Honor that relationship and reward loyalty. Policies are critical, and you never want a customer to feel like they’re worth less than another one, but the customer who’s made dozens of purchases for the past year is an asset to your company. Reach out for their insights, allow an extra return or two that you typically wouldn’t, and offer early access to sales or deals. Loyalty to your customer begets loyalty to your company and can potentially get some word-of-mouth buzz, too.

Customer service is more than answering phone calls or responding to emails. It can give your business a leg-up over your competitors and provide valuable insights for your business.

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