Manage Your Time More Effectively with These Helpful Hints

There’s never enough time in the day to do everything that needs doing, especially if you’re trying to practice good sleep hygiene and get your eight hours every night. Time is a resource that never increases. It only increasingly dwindles, as you nervously check your watch and try to figure out how you’ll get multiple projects done by the end of the week.

Effective time management, though, allows for the resource of time to be allocated efficiently and effectively. It can remove distractions, reduce stress, and increase productivity. Without managing your time, though, you’ll be left wondering where the day went, knowing you won’t get it back.

Plan, Plan, Plan

The best way to manage your time is to plan as much as possible. Now, this doesn’t mean your schedule needs a minute-by-minute breakdown, so you know that at 7:45 AM you’ll be pulling into your parking spot or at 2:55 PM you’ll be passing a specific conference room on your way to a meeting. No, planning is about knowing the smaller tasks that comprise larger priorities and each job’s deadline. It’s about knowing your time is limited and you can’t focus on half a dozen things at once.

When engaging in time management, give yourself flexibility. Things will pop up throughout the day that you didn’t expect. That’s okay. When that happens, though, take a moment to reflect on the unexpected. Is it something that needs attention today and you are you the only person that help out? Don’t be afraid to push workflows off on those best suited for them, which means being willing to say that you may not be the best person for every task. If the new focus isn’t an immediate concern, look at your schedule and slot it in where it makes sense.

If you find yourself checking your email or scrolling through social media longer than you should, utilize timers and be okay with spending a few minutes recharging your batteries by taking breaks. A common method is to set a timer for 25 minutes and work without distraction during that time. Once the timer beeps, set a new one for five minutes and get up, stretch, grab a snack, or check out your fantasy sports team. Once your five minutes are up, get back to work. Run this rhythm for two hours, then take a more extended break – like 20 or 25 minutes. This approach can keep you fresh and focused.

Time management is all about making time work for you. Planning your day and focusing your attention will help make your productivity soar.

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